At STMBC, we believe that teamwork is essential to our success. We recognize and respect the way God has called people to function—uniquely and in unity—within the church body. Our Leadership Team members reflect the diversity of RFA in their talents, spiritual gifts, education, training, experiences, native cultures and languages, and church backgrounds.

Our responsibility is to train, equip, encourage, and exhort those attending STMBC so, as God’s people, we will learn to serve Him and grow into a tight-knit family, united by our faith and by our understanding of the Son of God.

Leadership staff

Deacon Ministry
Deacon Lillard Darby

The Deacon Ministry, comprised of spiritual mentors, prayer warriors and faithful servants of the Lord, assist in serving The Lord’s Supper to parishioners as well as sick and shut in members.

Mother Ministry
Mother Alice Riley

The Mothers Ministry work in conjunction with the Deacons Ministry. The members of the Ministry also share their accumulative wisdom with the congregation and community.

Music Ministry
Diane Thompson

The Music Ministry is a vital part of the church’s ministry. Each choir member should understand their role and function as Minister through music and song. Thus, they are responding to a call from God to render this service to Him in a high level of excellence, which is worthy of His calling.

Usher Ministry
Marqetta Cadd

Ushers are the “doorkeepers” of the Lord’s House. This ministry is responsible for greeting and seating members and visitors. They are called upon to give direction during the offertory period, as well as provide necessities requested during the Wordship Celebration, i.e., fans, envelopes, tissues.

Nurse Ministry
Pamela Oates

The Nurse Ministry provides assistance to those attending praise and worship service when needed and educate the congregation regarding relevant health issues.

Children’s Church Ministry
Wanda Brown

The Children Ministry provides spiritual and biblical development to children ages 4-10 years old. The Children Church Worship Celebration fosters a nurturing environment for children and staff to experience God through worship, praise and fellowship.

Women’s Ministry
Wendy Nunn & Dovey Sumerall

The Women’s Ministry is to foster camaraderie among the various female ministries and Servant Leaders. The general assembly promote peace, love understanding, harmony and unity among the women ministry leaders and the women of the church at large.

Sunday School Ministry
Glenda Poole

The Sunday School Ministry’s purpose is to make the fullness of God’s word a reality in every believer’s life. Our Mission is to build a biblical foundation in the lives of individuals that will transform families, friends, and the community for the Kingdome of God.

Finance Ministry
James Wilson

The Finance Ministry oversees all positions responsible for the accountability of the contributions made to the church. Other positions include Offering Counter, Financial Bookkeeper and Account Receivable/Payable. This ministry ensures that the church’s finances are in accord with legal, ethical and biblical standards.

Outreach Ministry
David Walton Sr

Outreach Ministry reaches those most in need, providing food, and family services. We meet basic needs, stabilized lives, create pathways out of poverty, and work for systemic change. Our work is grounded in our values of radical inclusivity, unconditional love, truth telling, and celebration We work on the front lines of poverty., look everyone in the eye, turn no one away and transform lives.

Men’s Ministry
Henry Campbell

The Men’s Ministry equips men for service in the Body of Christ to know how, when and where to serve and assist.

Hospitality Ministry

The focus of the Hospitality Ministry I to ensure that all worshipers are greeted upon arrival, made to feel welcome and appropriately assisted to find his or her desired destination within the church.

Transportation Ministry
James Wilson

The Transportation Ministry provides members with transportation to and from various engagement outings and activities as well as to Sunday worship service.

Young Ladies Ministry
Mary Payne

The Young Ladies Ministry who calls themselves “Girls Club for Jesus” serves as a channel to aid the young ladies of the church in their transition from teenagers to functioning as responsible Christian Leaders of the church, in their homes and the community.

Young Men’s Ministry
Curt Thompson

The Young Men’s Ministry who calls themselves “The Hebrew Boys” serves as a channel to aid the young men of the church in their transition from teenagers to functioning as responsible Christian Leaders of the church, in their homes and the community.

Members Ministry
James Oates Sr.

The Members Ministry welcomes members and helps them assimilate into the church family as well as connect persons, gifts, talents, and interest to a church ministry. The goal of the ministry is to have fellowship with members; provide classes for members; connect members with their family tribes and ministry or ministries within the Searching Together Family.

Praise Dance Ministry
Denise Price

The Praise Dance Ministry is a unique ministry which ministers the gospel through various forms of visual interpretation including sign language, step, and mime. As Led by the sovereign spirit of our Lord and Savior.

Contact Info
Pastor Willie Riley, Jr.
Church Office 262-633-4421
Secretary: Antoinette Walton

About the Pastor  

Willie Riley Jr. began his pilgrimage of faith as a young adult in life. His faith walk has taken him through many trials, tribulations, celebrations and victories. With this experience and the call that has been placed on his life. When he was 20 years of age he accepted the call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in September 1968. He was ordained September 1969 under the divine tutelage of his spiritual father the late Pastor E. Woods.
His unique ministry has allowed many to hear this anointed, gifted, Spirit-filled Preacher, Teacher, and Singer!! As he has preached the message of the Gospel and its teachings and revelation of Christ many have been liberated, it has united so many others, and restored families.
While pastoring Greater Mt. Eagle Baptist Church in Racine WI for a short season, the Holy Living God gave revelation to call forth Searching Together Missionary Baptist Church inAugust 1982. It became one of the fastest growing churches in Racine WI.
He is married to his wonderful wife of 66 years, First Lady Mother Alice Riley and the proud father of nine lovely children. He is retired from Chrysler Motors after 42 ½ years of service. 
His academic credentials include:
Moody Bible Institute
Certificate of Progress Program (COPP-Wisconsin General Baptist State Congress of Christian Education).
The Christian Leadership School Wisconsin General Baptist State Congress of Christian Education).